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Project Description

Product Details:

Item name Alfamo Mesh Cooling Towel – color stitching
Material Cooling Fabric (55% Polyamide, 45% Polyester)
Size Two Retail Sizes (40×12-Inch, 47×14-Inch)
Fabric Weight 160 GSM (grams per square meter)
Logo Silk-screen
Uses Reduce temperature for sports, gardening, hot flashes, etc; Absorb sweat
OEM/ODM Service Available

Are you searching for high quality mesh cooling towels? Alfamo cooling towels have been used by more than 150,000 end consumers in the United States and have received more than 1400 detailed reviews with a general rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

More Introduction:

Alfamo cooling towels are easy to clean and wash and due to the superior material with the feature of cooling your body quickly. It is a best choice for sports fans and outdoor workers. The super absorbent Alfamo cooling towel provides cooling effect through the evaporation of absorbed water to keep you comfortable up to several hours. This new technology will give a new experience for your gym sessions and hot summer time.

Highlights of the Alfamo cooling towel:
❖ TWO SIZES & MULTIPLE COLORS TO CHOOSE, We listen to our customers and provide what you want.
❖ SUPER SOFT, it is different from most of the old style cooling towels that are crunchy hard when dry. Alfamo cooling towel is always soft both wet and dry.
❖ ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE, the special mesh fabric retains enough water that is required for the cooling effect. And it is breathable comfortable to skin.
REALLY COOL, the towel cools up to 30 degree below body temperature and it lasts for up to 3 hours until the next rehydration if not under direct sun.
❖ HIGH QUALITY EDGE STITCHING, towel edge is improved to avoid any possible sloppy threads.
❖ FIRST COOLING TOWEL WITH WATERPROOF CASE, The towel comes in water resistant plastic case, with D shape carabiner, easy for storage when you go climbing, cycling or hiking.
❖ ALSO GREAT FOR CELLPHONE STORAGE, Though the case is not 100% water proof, it is water resistant enough, great for mobile phones storage as well.

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We can also customize and private label cooling towels for you. If you purchase from us, we offer many additional convenient services, all of which cannot be easily provided by other manufacturers.