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We love to create great quality products! We are really excited about Alfamo Cooling Towel™. We are a small family owned business with one mission, to help introduce our customers to new ways of becoming healthy and fit.


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Amber Butts
Amber Butts
This cooling towel is for all sorts of great purposes. From hikers, bikers, walkers, working in the yard and much more. I happen to have MS, anyone who knows about MS knows that heat is a killer for MS’ers. Its very very hard for us to get out in the heat and be able to take it for very long. I have been looking for an item to help me be out more often as I love the outdoors, I live in Colorado and we have mountains, we have so many great places to go outside and enjoy this Summer.

This is a towel you wet down, squeeze the water out and snap it. The cooling effect lasts a long time (for me it lasted outside for two hours before I went back in, I could have stayed out longer)

What I love about it, is as a person with MS it allowed me and allows me to get outside enjoy that sun and yet around my neck or whereever you need it wrap it and it keeps a very nice NOT wet but very cool feeling against your skin and body for enough time to enjoy a hike or a walk or work in the yard.

Pros wise, its super easy to use, the instructions are printed on the back of the package making it very easy to use. Its lightweight, does NOT feel heavy on your neck at all. Its colorful. It comes in a package to keep safe and a clip to attach when your done and want to keep it close by or to clip it around and hold it in place. Cons, the only cons I can think of are if your out and about and it starts to dry out you should bring a water bottle with you to re wet it if you plan to be out for a full day.

I highly recommend this for not just the average person needing help keeping cool, I know even roofers would love this, but for people with MS or likewise diseases who have a harder time wanting to get out and wishing there was a product that could help them stay out longer, THIS works for that and I am very happy to be able to spend more time out this Summer.

Barbara Hoffpauir
Barbara Hoffpauir
I was asked to review this towel and frankly I was very skeptical, but having used it now, I really like it a lot! The towel arrived in a reusable soft plastic storage bag with directions on how to use it printed on the bag. There is a hole with a metal grommet that protects the bag from tearing. It comes with a carbiner that is placed through the hole and can be clipped to your belt, purse, or backpack so you can carry it with you anywhere.

The towel is very nice looking, soft, light weight, and 40 inches long. One side is colored and the other is black. I purchased the lavendar one. To use it follow the directions written on the bag. Simply soak the towel in water, wring out the excess water, and snap it. In a few seconds the towel will begin to feel cooler.

After working outside, I came in drenched with sweat. I figured it was a great time to try out the towel. I followed the instructions to cool the towel and then placed it around my neck. The length of the towel was more than sufficient to begin cooling my body. The great thing about it is that it’s still very lightweight and feels good against my skin. It is really soft (wet or dry) and not scratchy like a regular bath or kitchen towel would be. In addition a regular 40 inch towel would be rather heavy and would retain more water than this cooling towel does. Despite having the wet towel around my neck, my clothes wasn’t wet.

Although Consumer Reports says that any regular towel will work as well to cool you off, I feel that using this towel is preferable due to the material, the fact that it is lightweight, and much more soft than a regular towel. I have used a regular towel before. It holds too much water and my clothing becomes wet and it’s much too heavy and cumbersome. This cooling towel was well designed for this purpose and it performs very well. I would definitely recommend this towel to anyone who works or plays outdoors. I will be purchasing a few more for my family.

Heather A. Stafford
Heather A. Stafford
I bought this Soft Breathable Chill Instant Cooling Towel for my mother who enjoys mowing the lawn for exercise. In Atlanta, GA it is awfully hot and muggy this time of year so I thought it would be a good replacement for the hand towel she was wetting and using. She used cold water out of the faucet so it didn’t stay quite as cold as other reviewers had noted, but I believe if she wet it, put it in the freezer for a short time before using it the towel would have stayed colder longer.

It is very soft and definitely feels better around your neck than a regular hand towel which can end up being too heavy and bulky. All in all it is a good towel and my mom will definitely keep using it on hot days working in the yard.

I gave this towel a 4 (I like it) instead of 5 (I love it) because it did not stay as cold as I hoped it would. A follow up comment by the seller indicated that snapping the towel helps it to stay cold, but instructions were not included with the towel. With this new information we will try again to see how that helps.

This Towel is awesome. Works perfectly to keep my dog cool. Just wet it, ring it out and snap it. We have had heat index upto 114 and humidity 90%. This really helps so much dog doesn’t over heat. Thank you